Monday, May 20, 2019

Shame of Thrones

Yeah, yeah- I know I'm being childish right now but can y'all honestly blame me?!
I invested time, money, my blood pressure - the works, really... And it was all for nothing?!!! No, sire. I will not stand for this! (Or sit.... Or lay down. Hehe).  I may not have access to the producers' homes to give them a piece of my mind but I can, however, show protest by slowly deleting every. Single. Episode.
*cue maniacal laughter*
That'll teach them to give Sansa and Bran the Iron throne...
Oh, I'm sorry. Did I just heartlessly give the biggest spoiler in the history of spoilers hence ruining the ending and flushing years of hardwork down the drain? You're damn right, I did!
Shame on you, shame on me.... Shame on us!!! Shane, shame, shame!!!

I'm sorry, guys. I'm not usually this emotional . I spend my free time adulting... That's how in control I am.
Oh, well.... What is dead may never die and with this, we bid Game of Thrones Adieu.

Moving on, most of you know that I do this blogging for fun due to how I'm programmed, as a person/ demi goddess. I will, however, try to add a little bit of serious world events to the fun package. It might suck but you'll love it!

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Have a lovely week, y'all!

Monday, April 29, 2019

That's it! I'm moving to Florida!

I'm mentally exhausted. It's like everything i love is out to kill me. I honestly do not know what else to do- who to run to... For real though,  i'm tired. No, no, no... Not of life, you silly billy (anyone else think this phrase is weird?) I stayed up all night trying to complete assignments and read for tests. Sure, they were postponed thus twarting my efforts, making me weep internally but do I, inspite of this, despair?
Of course! I'm quite sensitive,  you know. Besides, I'm pretty sure science has proven that "breaking down" is the new "brave". There's no such thing on the internet? Really? Fine...
It's the most hated day of the week, everyone! Any one else excited? No? Just me then? Ok...
I'm sure some of y'all are wondering why I'm so cheery despite all the..."uncheeriness". That, my lovelies, is because I have a secret coping mechanism! No, it's not drugs and no, it's not my natural weirdness.. It's "Florida man" stories!!! Today's focus is "Florida Man Arrested After Hitting Dad with Pizza Because He Was Mad He Helped Birth Him".
I'm speechless... Honestly. One question though. Did he eat it afterwards or nah? Don't judge me, it's pizza! Imagine getting to do strange stuff like this everyday and people just shrug because... well... It's Florida! Except the parent hitting part, of course.. Like my mom always says "I brought you into this world, I'm not afraid to take you out of it"... Repping 9ja parents, all day, everyday!
In conclusion, folks... I'm moving to Florida!

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Yay... May?

It's that time of the month (pun intended... I know... I'm disgusting 😑) when I reflect on past events that led to this very moment. It's basically a sorta, kinda reality check to help me ascertain if I have, indeed, achieved what I set out to achieve or if I,  in the words of Jake Peralta, world's greatest detective, "done f****d up". They're like having mental periods cuz they occur monthly and last for a few days... In my head, of course.
These reflections led me to believe that I needed to create a blog in other to reach out to others, tell my story, inspire the young uns... Kill boredom. Y'all get the gist.
All that being said... Hi, I'm Vicki and I'm your writer,  friend and overall go-to buddy here to make life bearable by entertaining you through stories of events happening in my life. I'm like Trevor Noah... Only female and more awesome (Fine... Less awesome).

Welcome to life. It sucks- you're gonna love it.
- Monica Geller (Friends).

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